Personal Checking

   Common features among accounts:
  • Overdraft protection may be available through a companion account, personal credit line, home equity line or Overdraft Reserve.
  • Free ATM Card and Visa Check Card issued subject to approval.
  • Other Bank ATM usage free up to 2 times per month. The other bank may impose an ATM surcharge.

Personal Checking

Features  Free Interest High Yield (1)  Value 50 (2)  Student (3) 
Minimum to open     $100  $100  $2,500  $100  $10 
Minimum to earn interest  Not applicable  $500  $2,500  $500  Not applicable 
Minimum to avoid monthly charge No minimum required  $100  $2,500 No minimum required  No minimum required 
Monthly charge if minimum not met No charge  $7 $10 No charge  No charge 
Excess item charge (4)  No charge  $.30/item over 150/mo  $.30/item over 150/mo  $.30/item over 150/mo $.30/item over 150/mo
Safe deposit box Regular price  Regular price  20% discount  (5) 20% discount  (5) Regular price 
Paper Statements $3/month  $3/month  $3/month  Free  $3/month 
Check Images Unavailable  $2/month  $2/month  $2/month  $2/month 
Online Banking  Available  Available  Available  Available  Available
Bank to Bank Transfer(6) Available Available  Available  Available  Available 
Mobile Banking  Free Free  Free  Free Free 
Electronic Statements  Free Free Free  Free Free 
ATM/Visa Check Card(7)(8)  Free Free Free  Free Free 
Visa Credit Card(9) Available Available Available  Available Available 

(1) High Yield checking interest is comparable to money market rates.
(2) Primary Account holder must be at least 50 years of age to qualify
(3) Primary Account Holder must provide sufficient documentation to verify they are currently enrolled in school  
(4) Limit of 150 items per month. Items include debits,credits and checks deposited.
(5) Safe deposit box discounts are based on availability and require payment by automatic draft from a Security Federal Bank checking account.
(6) Bank to Bank Transfers are available to all customers. Outgoing transfers are $1. Incoming transfers are free.
(7) ATM and Check Cards are issued subject to approval.
(8) Other-bank ATM usage is free up to two times per month. The other bank may impose an ATM surcharge.
(9) Our Visa Credit Card carries a fixed annual percentage rate and is issued subject to approval.
Personalized checks are available by request. Prices vary depending on account type and check style.

Ask us about Overdraft Protection for your Checking Account today!



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