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Personal Loans (1)

Features  Home Equity Line of Credit (2)  Installment Loans  (3) Personal Line of Credit 
Term  240 Months 6 to 180 months  Unlimited
APR - Annual percentage rate (4) Varies based on prime (5)  Fixed  Fixed 
Closing costs  Closing costs vary Closing costs vary  None 
Access directly by check 
Yes  No  Yes 
Access through checking account  Yes  No  Yes
Minimum monthly payment  Interest Only  See below (6)  See below (7)

Can be used for overdraft protection  Yes  No  Yes
Credit life insurance available (8)  No  Yes No
Credit A&H insurance available (8) No Yes N0
(1) Personal loans are subject to approval. Loan officers are available at all of our branches.
(2) A home equity line of credit is secured by your primary residence and can be used to finance home improvements, a car, boat or other major purchase.
(3) An installment loan can also be used to finance home improvements, a car, boat or other major purchase.
(4) Interest paid on a loan secured by a mortgage on your primary residence may be tax deductible. You should consult with your tax advisor.
(5) The APR for a home equity line of credit is based on Prime Rate and is subject to margin, floor and caps.
(6) Amortization determines the monthly payment for installment loans.
(7) The minimum monthly payment will equal the greater of $20 or 2% of the loan account balance on the last day of the billing cycle. The minimum advance is $100 for automatic transfers.
(8) Insurance products are not a deposit product, not FDIC insured, not insured by any federal government agency, not guaranteed by the bank, and may go down in value.



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