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  Take Control of Your Agency!

Premium Pay Plans from Security Federal Bank has developed a web-based agency management system, called, which has been designed to not only save you money through automating many of your tasks and improving your work-flow, but to also support a business model that can actually increase your agency’s revenues. includes, among many unique features, access to South Carolina DMV driver and vehicle information (including vehicle identification numbers), seamless bridging from your rater to, easy inclusion of DOI-approved optional agency fees and supplemental benefits when quoting, and instant access to insurance company websites while still in

Quick Access to Real Time Data on Each Company’s Website
Most insurance companies offer online policy service, ranging from a simple inquiry to full endorsement processing, payment inquiry, and claims management.

Using the website links in our management system, you will have quick access to the real time data on each of your company’s systems.

By having instant access to your own information that you collect and store in your system, combined with instant access to information collected and stored by your companies, you have the best of both worlds.

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