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New Rate Structure for Consumer Loans!

We are excited to announce a change in our rate structure for Consumer Loans! Find the car, boat or camper you need to make your Adventure a reality!     
Auto Rates as Low as 2.75% APR1

Boat Rates as Low as 3.75% APR2

RV/Camper Rates as Low as 5.05% APR3
12.75% APR is for qualified applicants purchasing an auto, 2020 model or newer, with an automatic draft from a Security Federal Bank checking account, a credit score greater than 760, and up to a 36-month term.  All loans subject to approval and rate may vary based on credit score and repayment term.  Down payment may be waived for qualified applicants purchasing new automobiles.  Rates subject to change.

23.75% APR is for qualified applicants purchasing a boat, 2020 model or newer, with an automatic draft from a Security Federal Bank checking account, a credit score greater than 760, and up to a 36-month term.  All loans subject to approval and rate may vary based on credit score and repayment term.  Down payment may be waived for qualified applicants purchasing new boats.  Rates subject to change.

35.05% APR is for qualified applicants purchasing a new RV/Camper, with an automatic draft from a Security Federal Bank checking account, a credit score greater than 760, and up to a 30-month term.  All loans subject to approval and rate may vary based on credit score and repayment term.  Max Loan to Value for a RV/Camper loan is 90%.  Rates subject to change.




Our Digital Banking upgrade is here!


In our quest to provide you the best digital banking experience, Security Federal Bank upgraded its internet and mobile banking solutions on October 29, 2019.


Quick Tips



 What do I need to do if I am an internet banking user?

No action is required.  After 8 am on October 29, you can access your account on the new platform using the same login credentials used to access your account before the upgrade.  ID and password were not affected.

What do I need to do if I am a mobile banking user?

You can download the new Security Federal Bank app from your app store. After download, you will be asked to provide your email address and telephone number to verify credentials against our core.  Then you will be asked to sign a new user agreement and establish a 4 digit passcode for layered security.  Your ID and password won’t be affected.   If you haven’t downloaded the new app, you may continue using our older app through November 18, 2019.  This is our countdown period.  After November 18, you must to download the new app to access your account from a mobile platform.

Did the upgrade affect recurring bill payments?

No.  Schedules for recurring bill payments will not be affected by the upgrade. 

Did the upgrade affect recurring bank-to-bank transfers?

 Yes.  The upgrade cleared any recurring transfers, including payments for internal loans and lines of credit, that you set-up before October 29, 2019.  Please reestablish schedules and routing instructions in the new digital platform.

Did alerts set-up on the old system transfer to the new digital platforms?

       No.  Please set-up any alert notifications you desire in the new system.

If I have an intuit license did it to carry over to the new digital suite?

Yes.  We transferred your license so that Direct Connect and Web Connect will continue to work for you.  The new platform is configured for QBO and QFX export types and your aggregation is pointed to the new platform so that Express Connect should function as expected.

  What if I use another 3rd party aggregator to pull financial data from my accounts?

Communications likely “broke” with any third party aggregator, other than Intuit, when we went live on the new system.  If you need to re-establish communication for aggregation, please make your third party provider aware of our system change, so that they can point your aggregation to the new Security Federal platform.

Will the new digital banking platform work in all browsers?

Safari users may encounter problems when attempting to access electronic statements and bill pay.  As a work around, users may choose another browser or disable cookie detection within the Safari browser.  To perform the latter, a user should go to the Safari menu, click "preferences" then navigate to the "privacy" tab in the pop up modal. A screen shot of required settings is provided below:

Banno Privacy Settings




Press Release

Date: Friday, August 31, 2018

Security Federal Bank to Open Two Branches in Augusta

Augusta, Georgia

Security Federal Bank is proud to announce their plans for two new locations in the Augusta area that will serve as bank branches.  The first location, with a planned opening in early 2019, is at 1607 Walton Way in the former Georgia Power Building and will serve the medical district and surrounding neighborhoods.  The second location is in the Augusta Downtown Historic District at 1109 Broad Street, currently the home of the Augusta Genealogical Society.  This building was constructed in 1924 by Georgia Railroad Bank & Trust and was its first branch location apart from their main office.   With hopes of restoring the Broad Street building to its original design, Security Federal looks forward to providing banking services to the residents and businesses of downtown Augusta and the cyber district.  Subject to the approval of state and federal regulators, both branches will provide full service banking, personal and commercial lending, mortgage lending, financial counseling, personal and commercial insurance, as well as trust and investment services.

“I welcome the addition of Security Federal Bank to downtown Augusta. This announcement comes at a very important time in our city’s history.  Augusta is experiencing significant economic growth because of cybersecurity opportunities in the region and in particular at Fort Gordon.  The opening of these banking locations in the medical district and downtown will serve as a great connector to this community”, said Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr.  

Security Federal Bank was founded in Aiken, SC in 1922 and is the only bank headquartered in the Augusta-Aiken Metro Area.  In 2007, the bank opened its first Georgia branch in Columbia County, followed by a second Columbia County branch and a Richmond County Financial Services Office in 2017.  Phil Wahl, Augusta Area Executive, said “As a lifelong Augustan, I am pleased that we will have two new full service branch locations in Augusta, providing my hometown with the personal service and attention only a local bank can deliver.  I have always admired the history and architecture of downtown Augusta, and I am particularly delighted that our bank has committed to investing in the continued revitalization our city center, restoring a historically significant building to its original purpose.”


New Augusta Branches


Mastercard® FAQs

Why is Security Federal replacing my Visa® card with a Mastercard®?
We made the decision to partner with Mastercard because it was the best move for our customers and the Bank. Our new Mastercard provides some great benefits and services that were not available with our former card (Click here to learn about benefits).

Will my card number change?

Will daily limits or other features on my debit card change?
No. Daily limits on debits cards will stay the same and ATM access will remain free-of-charge at all Security Federal Bank ATMs.

Will interest or other features on my credit card change?
No. Interest rates and credit limits on credit cards will remain the same. There is still no annual fee, and there will be no changes to rewards programs that may apply.

How do I activate my new MasterCard?
By calling:
1-800-543-5073 for Credit Cards
1-800-781-3001 for Debit Cards

What else do I need to do?
Customers with recurring merchant payments linked to their old card will need to contact these merchants and provide their new card information. This can be easily done through the merchant’s web site or merchant’s customer service number.

Remember to update your card information in your digital wallet application.

 Can I keep my old card instead?
No, your current card is being discontinued, so to enjoy uninterrupted service, it’s important to activate and begin using your new Security Federal Bank Mastercard as soon as it arrives.

Do the new cards use chip technology?
Yes, with exception of ATM only cards, all Security Federal credit and debit cards are chip enabled.

Can I get additional cards for other family members?
Yes, additional cards are available at no cost. To add authorized users to add authorized users to your account, inquire at any branch or call 1-866-851-3000.

Do all merchants accept Mastercard?
Visa and Mastercard are by far the most widely accepted cards worldwide, with Discover slightly behind those brands and American Express in a distant fourth place. Any retailer that accepts card payments likely takes Mastercard. One known exception is Costco. They will accept Mastercard debit transactions with a PIN, but will only take Visa for credit.