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Business Deposit Account Fees
Account balancing assistance (per hour) $25.00
Account research/Account printout or document copy (per item - if less than 1 hour) $5.00
Account research (per hour) $25.00
Account verification (deposit / loan) $10.00
ATM transactions at a Security Federal machine Free
ATM transactions at another bank’s machine¹ $2.00¹
Bank-to bank transfers - Incoming ($1000 maximum limit) Free
Bank-to bank transfers - Outgoing per transfer fee ($1000 maximum limit) $1.00
Cashier’s check $3.00
Chargeback (return deposited item) $10.00
Chargeback (return deposited item) - special handling $15.00
Check images with statements (per account/month) $2.00
Close account within 90 days of opening $25.00
Coin Bags (per bag) $2.00
Collection item - Canadian $25.00
Collection item - domestic $20.00
Collection item - foreign $75.00
Deposit ticket improperly encoded $30.00
Dormant account (per month)² $5.00²
Electronic Lock Box Monthly service fee (per month) $50.00
Electronic Lock Box per item fee $0.25
Electronic Lock Box Set-up fee $200.00
Foreign currency (purchased or redeemed) $25.00
Insufficient Funds (NSF) - Returned Item Fee $35.00
Items processed over account limit (per item) $0.35
Money market and Savings debits > 6 debits/cycle (per debit) $3.00
Night depository disposable bag (per bag) $1.00
Night depository lockable bag (per bag) $30.00
Continuous Overdraft Charge – (Overdraft exeeding 10 business days - per day) $5.00
Overdraft fee³ $35.00³
Overdraft transfer fee (per transfer) $5.00
Photocopies (per page) $0.25
Redeposit $10.00
Remote Deposit Capture set-up $75.00
Remote Deposit Capture monthly service fee $39.95
Remote Deposit Capture per item (over 200) $0.16
Remote Deposit Capture additional accounts/locations (per month) $2.00
Replace ATM or Debit card $10.00
Returned mail fee (per month) $5.00
Statements - Electronic Free
Statements - Paper (per account, per month) $3.00
Stop payment $35.00
Tax levies and garnishments up to $100.00
Treasury management ACH (per file) $6.00
Treasury management monthly fee $15.00
Treasury management Wire Transfer - incoming $8.00
Treasury management Wire Transfer - outgoing $10.00
Wire transfer – incoming  $16.00
Wire transfer – outgoing $20.00
Wire transfer – foreign incoming $20.00
Wire transfer – foreign outgoing $50.00

¹ per ATM transaction after 2 per month (other bank may impose an ATM surcharge)

² after 12 months of inactivity for checking and after 24 months of inactivity for savings and money market accounts

³ fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means

Account Analysis Fees
ACH - debit or credit $0.25
Credit $0.40
Currency deposited (per strap) $0.30
Currency purchased (per strap) $0.50
Debit $0.20
Deposit insurance premium fees vary
Earnings credit based on a competitive market rate
Items deposited (per item) $0.12
Maintenance (per month) $13.95
Negative funds fee 18.00%
Night depository usage (per bag deposited) $1.00
Rolled coin deposited (per roll) $0.15
Rolled coin purchased (per roll) $0.10
Sweep maintenance charge (per month) $38.95
Trade analysis compliance review fee (per month) up to $750.00

Effective 02/01/2023. Items in bold were revised.