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Current Debit Card Blocks

Fri, March 10


Due to fraud trends, we have placed blocks on our ATM/Debit Cards in the following states:


  • California
  • New York (PIN required for any transaction)
  • Pennsylvania (PIN required for any transaction)
  • Virginia

The block is on signature transactions at fuel pump dispensers, home supply, pharmacies, grocery stores, discount stores, office supply stores, variety stores, and stores such as Target and Wal-Mart.

Cardholders can use their cards with their PIN numbers to complete transactions in these locations.

Please call 866.851.3000 for more information.




Due to reported fraudulent activity on Debit Cards, Security Federal has blocked all transactions from the following countries:

  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic ( PIN is required for all transactions.)


Blocked Merchants

  • Everyday Hero
  • Wholesale Clubs ( PIN required)
  • Home Supply Warehouses in Georgia (PIN required)
  • Wal-Mart and Grocery Stores ( PIN required)
  • Variety Stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General     ( PIN required)                                


Blocked Transactions

  • Contactless Chip
  • Square in California


Please call 866.851.3000 for more information.

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