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Debit Card Blocks

Thu, September 28


Due to reported fraudulent activity on Debit Cards, Security Federal has blocked transactions from the following countries:

  • Cuba (All)
  • Dominican Republic ( PIN required)
  • Honduras (All)
  • Kenya (All)
  • The Netherlands (Electronic Gaming)
  • Pakistan (All)
  • Syria (All)


Blocked States

  • New Jersey - Transactions greater than $50 at Variety, Grocery, and Discount Stores
  • Florida - Transactions $50 or less at Grocery and Discount Stores
  • SC & Georgia - Grocery/Wal-Mart transactions where the terminal is chip capable but was unable to process the chip card, so the transaction was tried via mag stripe or manual entry.


Blocked Merchants

  • Everyday Hero       
  • Gas Stations (Over $75 needs PIN)                   



  • Square in California


Please call 866.851.3000 for more information.

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