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Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

Security Federal is experiencing a rise in customers who are receiving fraudulent texts and phone calls claiming to be from the Bank.  These calls seem to be legitimate because the scammers are spoofing Security Federal phone numbers (fraudulently using our caller ID), and asking our customers to verify transactions.  The scammers may also attempt to “prove” their legitimacy by revealing personal identifying information about you, such as your social security or driver’s license number.  Don’t be fooled!  Due to the 2017 Equifax breach and many others like it, scammers have access to this information for hundreds of millions of Americans.

Here are two obvious red flags that indicate a call, text or e-mail is not from Security Federal Bank:

  •  The originator asks you to provide an account number, card information, online  or mobile banking usernames and passwords, PIN numbers, etc., or
  •  The originator offers to assist you in changing your user ID or password to “protect” your account

We will never handle suspected fraud in this manner.

If you are unsure about whether a call, email or text is originating from a legitimate representative of Security Federal Bank, do not respond directly through the channel used to contact you.  Instead, use a separate channel to contact us 24x7x365 at one of the following numbers:

  •   If suspected Credit Card Fraud, (855) 961-1602
  •   If suspected Debit Card Fraud, (800) 237-8990

You may also reach out to us about potential fraud of any type by calling us at (803) 641-3000 during regular business hours.

Additional information about how Security Federal information verifies transactions and investigates suspecting fraud can be found at, and

Help Us Keep You Safe!