Premium Pay Plans

Get Organized with AccuTrac.net!


Premium Pay Plans from Security Federal Bank has developed a web-based agency management system called AccuTrac.net,which has been designed to not only save you money through automating many of your tasks and improving your work-flow, but to also support a business model that can actually increase your agency’s revenues.


You can make it much easier on yourself, and experience the joy of having everything in one place with AccuTrac.net as your agency management system.


Picture how much easier it would be to always have the information you need in one place, available to you wherever you have a computer with Internet access, such as:


  • Contact information for all of your customers
  • The associated company information for all of your customers
  • Coverage information and schedules for all of your policies
  • All of your important documents
  • Photos
  • Letters
  • Production Reports
  • Expiring Policies
  • And much more

When you need to know anything at all about one of your customers, a policy, or any other aspect of your business, it’s at your fingertips. And, if you need to call your customer and ask a question or see a signed copy of the application, it’s all available to you with a few clicks of the mouse.


With AccuTrac.net, you can experience the increased ease of doing your job, feeling more in control, and knowing that you’re projecting a more professional image to your customers and the companies that you represent.


If you want to get organized and clear those file folders out of your office, scan all of your paperwork into our AccuTrac.net agency management system and attach it to the corresponding customer and policy. Then, all of your documents are immediately available from anywhere you are.


Going Paperless…What does it mean?


Going paperless does not mean that you have to throw your paper away. You can continue to file it if you want. It just means you don't have to depend on the paper file anymore, or spend countless hours trying to track it down. You can just click a couple of buttons and you will be looking at that application, or letter, or photo, or anything at all, in a matter of seconds. No more hunting around trying to track down who has the file.


If you are working from home one rainy Saturday afternoon and your customer gives you a call, you can hop on to your computer from home and see whatever document you need in just a few seconds. You can even access AccuTrac.net from a smart phone, tablet or mobile device with an Internet connection.


Instant access to your customer and policy information makes it much easier to do your job, makes you look good in front of your customers, and lowers your overall stress level.

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