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Debit Card Blocks

September 5, 2018

Blocked Merchants

  • Variety Stores - Transactions over $100 where chip terminal is not using chip card.
  • Walmart/ Grocery Stores -Transactions where chip terminal is not using chip card. In Georgia, for transactions over $50. 
  • Telemarketing Merchants - All transactions
  • Iraqi Airways - All transactions 

Please call 866.851.3000 for more information.


Equifax Data Breach

Fri, September 08, 2017

Information regarding the Equifax Data Breach.

Important EMV/Debit Card Information

Mon, April 03, 2017 

To enhance the security of card transactions, Security Federal Bank issued new debit cards with EMV chip technology to all cardholders prior to February 1, 2017.

Following a two-month grace period for activation of the new cards, old magnetic stripe cards were automatically deactivated. If you need help activating a new chip card, please call 803.641.3000 or 1.866.851.3000 for assistance. 

For additional card security, customers are encouraged sign up for debit card alerts at

Social Engineering/Phishing Attacks

Mon, November 07, 2016

In a social engineering attack, an attacker uses human interaction (social skills) to obtain or compromise information about an organization or its computer systems. An attacker may seem unassuming and respectable, possibly claiming to be a new employee, repair person, or researcher and even offering credentials to support that identity. However, by asking questions, he or she may be able to piece together enough information to infiltrate an organization's network. If an attacker is not able to gather enough information from one source, he or she may contact another source within the same organization and rely on the information from the first source to add to his or her credibility.

Check out our Fraud & ID Theft Prevention page for more information.